With more than 18+ years of experience in creating Mult-itouch Interactive Solutions globally, Paravision Group produce and deliver the most innovative customized solutions.


Latest Advanced Technologies

Using the state-of-the-art technologies, Paravision Integrated Multi-Touch Solutions are reliable and scalable. Our solutions combine content creation and application development with highly skilled Teams, using the latest and high-end hardware to deliver the best interactive experience available in the market.


Smart Navigations

Our Multi-Touch solutions featured the most ergonomic navigation fully customized and adapted to our clients branding.


Interactive Features

In order to get the best result in terms of presentation, branding and sales, we create and adapt unique content: 360 Videos, 360 images, Videos, Images, Texts, Interactive Augmented Reality, etc. in a very smart approach to add value to your interactive solutions.


Innovative Design

Each client will a different innovative design based on its strategy and its industry. The accuracy of the results generated from the solutions lead to a more effective user experience.


User Friendly

Our solutions are plug and play. Easy to set up and easy to use. All sizes are available and in different uses : Multi-Touch Tables, Multi-Touch Walls, Inclined Multi-Touch Systems, Coffee Tables, Interactive Mirrors, Kiosks, Transparent Multi-Touch Screens, etc.


All Sizes

Paravision Multi-Touch Solutions are built with different sizes: 40” Interactive screen, 43” Interactive screen, 50” Interactive screen, 55” Interactive screen, 65” Interactive screen, 70” Interactive screen, 75” Interactive screen, 82” Interactive screen, 86” Interactive screen, 98” Interactive screen, 110” Interactive screen, 150” Interactive screen.
Paravision can also fully customized the sizes from 40” up to 500”.


All Resolutions

The resolutions of Paravision Products can be: Full HD, 2K, 4K, 8K or 16K.
Paravision can also fully customized the resolutions of its solutions.


Paravision is Global leader and expert in Multi-Touch integrated solutions, creating unique content and fully customized applications adapted to the market need, using state of art technologies in line with Artificial Intelligence and the most advanced multimedia trends.


We deliver integrated Multi-Touch screens and solutions since 2003 and offer the most efficient interactive applications.

We always adapt the latest innovative technology and follow world’s new trends to deliver stunning intuitive solutions to showcase your unique content.

You are always welcome to submit your request or problems. Our experience and enthusiastic qualified team will help you figure all the best interactive solutions to improve and facilitate your digital transformation.


Our team is always in action, we are expert in travel, adventure and our goal is to capture exciting new views around the globe and integrate it on our platform, Google Street view or host it on a client’s website. Our interactive 360 Virtual Tour clients are spread across the world. You can find below some of the locations we have covered recently.